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ik jewelers
Company founded by Iker Ortiz in 2005.
Conformed by a group of goldsmiths, jewelers and designers of first level that build their pieces supported by the manufacturing industry and finished by hand according to the standards of classic jewelry.
His workshop, with industrial dyes, is comprised of the ancient arts of the old jewelers and new technology, allowing their designs endless possibilities. The machines help us to achieve the desired accuracy, but the process is completely defined by the goldsmith work.

IK produce limited series that allow us, with reasonable prices, to invest much time and energy in creating each of our pieces.

IK seeks to contrast the banal and not very durable products around us with fine pieces of high quality with which you can enjoy the art of jewels every day.

IK scale allows anyone interested, the development of unique pieces of all types, cost and uniqueness. Designing and manufacturing a customize piece of art.


JEWELER 2 Antonio Prado
DESIGNER Fernanda Barba
DESIGNER Alberto Dávila
SPAIN SALES Manuela Catón
iker ortiz
Designer and jeweler by trade.
Belonging to a fourth generation jeweler that offers the possibility of absorbing the craft from birth.
At 16 start his work at his father workshop in Francisco Sosa, Coyoacan. Since then he began to design and manufacture pieces for individual customers and has been his work over time.

However in 2005 decides to found IK Jewelers with the idea to develope every year a new line of contemporary and experimental jewels that explore ˝A TOPIC˝. This topic will become the pretext for developing over time a collection that speaks about the same topic, and today ˝SEVEN˝ are the existing collections.

The rings are your passion, however bracelets, cufflinks and necklaces are part of the key pieces in their collections.

Bohemian by nature and in love with architecture, he leads the design and manufacturing team of IK Jewelers always with the same premise ahead, experiment.

Within its history he has taught workshops at CENTRO design-movie-television and alternative workshops in his own studio also he has given conferences at several universities as UNAM and Ibero. He has exhibited his work in various galleries and museums, including Life and Design exhibition at the Palacio de Iturbide Fomento Cultural Banamex at the Historic Downtown, the Import-Export exhibition at the Museo Franz Mayer in 2010 presenting his collection MUAC · four ¨.
This same year was also among the speakers at the Lecture Series Gray Area, International Congress of Contemporary Jewellery.
In 2013 he participate as a judge in QUORUM PRIZE in the category of industrial design.
our materials
IK has looking since its foundation to innovate in the use of alternative materials for our collections, however the basis for building his palette of materials are:

Stainless Steel - Color gray with light gray shadow. Strong, clean and radiant. With the possibility of presenting it matt or polished. The steel used in IK is top quality, surgical.

Titanium - Color gray with dark gray shadow. Much lighter than stainless steel and flashing darker. Comfortable and lightweight and low maintenance. Same properties of surgical steel.

Silver - Color white, malleable. Requires constant maintenance to prevent rust, for that Ik explores the use of silver in its various rust possibilities.

Gold-Color yellow, white and pink. In Ik we use only 18 gold and 24 carat because it complies with the aesthetics of the brand pieces. We usually use it in mate, but the polish is also a possibility.

Platinum - Color extremely white. Very soft and very heavy at the same time. For delicious tastes, with a bright white color.

Corian - Color 140 variables and endless possibilities. Corian is a resin developed by Dupont with natural stones. Easy to clean, non porous, hygienic, with invisible seams. We are the first and only Mexican brand in hand-making jewelry with this material, combined with gold, titanium, silver, precious stones ends up becoming a prime material for the fine work.The corian we use is 100% recycled, so our colors are always variables.

Precious stones - Ik develops a number of pieces with precious stones. All of them are natural and brought from different parts of the world. IK is constantly in search of different sizes, colors and textures that enhance the cleanliness of its parts.

Diamonds - Ik uses for our pieces diamonds with unique characteristics according with our own quality standards. Minimum color H, minimum quality VS. All our diamonds are certified.

We keep exploring new materials...